Personal Privacy Rights Management

  PrivacyPortfolio provides advocacy services for individual data subjects, privacy testing services for commercial enterprises and government agencies, and privacy research to identify market trends and measure how cost effective privacy practices are in the real world.

Privacy Advocate Referral Services

Connect with attorneys and advocates offering professional services and legal advice.

Privacy Testing Services

Our basic test suites use PrivacyPortfolio's Enforcable Privacy Policy schema and API to evaluate whether an organization's privacy practices complies with its own policies.

Our intermediate-level test suites compare privacy policies with other organizations and compliance mandates to identify gaps and matches.

Our advanced-level test suites looks internally for personal data in logfiles and data repositories, and identifies data assets which are not documented in metadata inventories (data catalog).

Privacy Market Research

Goal:    Enable individual consumers with effective privacy rights tools.
Question:    How do we measure the influence we're having on society?
Metrics:    *   policies transformed into automated rulesets

*   organizations responding to privacy requests

*   organizations willing to negotiate privacy policies with data subjects

*  organizations subscribing to data subjects' personal information vaults

*  individual data subjects managing their own personal privacy programs

*  individual data subjects submitting privacy complaints

*  awards or settlements for damages stemming from privacy complaints

*  test cases executed to monitor organizations' compliance with policies


Research Experiments

   PrivacyPortfolio conducts one experiment every month to determine our effectiveness.
Our first experiment began on January 7, 2019 and the results were presented during our first webinar on Data Privacy Day 2019: 
"Submitting Privacy Requests", January 28th.

See the results here: Our Repo on Github

   Experiment #2 began on February 4, 2019 and the results were presented in our second whitepaper: 
"Enforcable Privacy Policy Whitepaper", March 5, 2019.

See the whitepaper here:  Enforcable Privacy Policy Whitepaper

Professional Support Services

1. Accuracy of Personal Information

Monitor data quality of your personal information and quickly correct erroneous personal data entries.

2. Sharing of Personal Information

Monitor commercial enterprise accounts and investigate if unauthorized data is shared with vendors.

3. Protection of Personal Information

Get technical help with data encryption, tokenization, identity services, and key management tools.

4. Breaches of Personal Information

Investigate under-reported data breaches and sue in court if required notifications were not recieved.

5. Handling Privacy Complaints

PrivacyPortfolio can submit privacy complaints on your behalf and monitor status.