Personal Privacy Rights Management

Open Source, Open Standards

PrivacyPortfolio's tools are freely available as open-source
so you can inspect them yourself and tailor them to your needs.
We build our tools based on open standards to maximize adoption
and integration capabilities with other frameworks and best practices.

Milestones Reached

Product Roadmap

Whitepaper on Personal Privacy Programs Manage Personal Privacy Programs
Everyone is different. Some people want to share everything about themselves. Others would like some aspects of their life to be private. How would you know whether or not to share your freind's information with someone else? What if you wished you had never seen that text or that tweet? PrivacyPortfolio can help you implement and enforce your own privacy program.
Whitepaper on Personal Privacy Policies Publish Enforcable Privacy Policies
What is your policy?
PrivacyPortfolio enables you to set enforcable rules about what data you're willing to share -- or accept.
Instead of blocking all cookies, finer-grained controls can be applied to specific domains, and test reports monitor compliance with your personal privacy policies, or those of an organization.
Whitepaper not published Exercise Privacy Rights
Specific elements of your personal data is protected, depending on the geo-political area in which you reside, or the role your identity assumes during any information exchange.
With PrivacyPortfolio you stay informed of changes in privacy rights legislation and permissions granted by organizational entities through their privacy policies and terms of use. Fine-grained control over specific data elements can be governed according to policy rule-sets aligned with associated privacy rights.
Whitepaper not published Manage Privacy Requests
PrivacyPortfolio supplies templates for requesting information about privacy policies and practices, including requests to correct or delete personal information, or submit complaints to authorities.
Whitepaper not published Host Your Personal Information Vault
You can have your own Personal Information Vault.
Based on open standards for electronic medical records,
you build it, host it, and manage it yourself.
Whitepaper not published Master Data Governance
Maintain an inventory of your personal information,
document your claim as the legitimate owner of personal data assets,
publish metadata in data catalogs for role-based profile datasets,
and manage data quality processes.
Whitepaper not published Manage Consent Directives
PrivacyPortfolio provides templates for Consent Directives,
which are rule-based policies governing what data can be shared
with whom, and for what purpose.
Whitepaper not published Configure Role Identity Access
How will you manage every individual person and organizational entity who wants to consume your personal data?
Interacting with different types of subscribers requires a flexible array of access controls choices based on role contexts.
Whitepaper not published Manage Notifications
How will you keep up with changing privacy rights?
How will you know when a Subscriber changes their policy?
How will you inform a Subscriber your personal data has changed?
How should you be notified in the event of a data breach?
Whitepaper not published Enforce Compliance
Who will monitor and evaluate whether subscribers are complying with privacy policies?
Will you trust enforcement agencies, or "independent" audit firms to look after your privacy rights?

Don't outsource; crowdsource compliance testing.