Personal Privacy Rights Management

About PrivacyPortfolio

  PrivacyPortfolio is a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of California, USA.

  The sole manager of PrivacyPortfolio LLC is Craig Erickson, CISSP CISA,
a United States natural-born citizen currently residing in Alameda, California.

  The purpose of this Limited Liability Corporation is to disseminate and promote privacy solutions produced by Craig Erickson and other parties who have granted PrivacyPortfolio permission to republish and distribute their information resources.

Craig Erickson, CISSP CISA

Data Protection Officer

  I'd like to represent the "Voice of the Customer" in the Privacy domain to identify stakeholder needs and find effective ways to engage with target populations.

Forging ahead where others left off

PrivacyPortfolio accepts the challenge of accomplishing what the P3P could not:

"...balance the need for personal information...with the individual´s desire to control it, empowering people with tools for making decisions."